Housing Steps & Protocols

Our first task is to determine your Temple's sleeping room needs, so if you will respond to us with the information requested below we can get rolling on what is sure to be an exciting year in 2020.

STEP ONE: Take a look at our great hotel choices. We have a link to each hotel’s home page. Pick your favorite, and a couple of backups. If you need 15 rooms or less, and choose to stay at the headquarters hotel, Shriners International will handle your hotel arrangements at a later time. However, don’t stop here. We still need you to give us your contact and other information!

STEP TWO: Complete the web based Hotel Request Form or fill out and return the pdf.

  • Contact Information - We would like to be able to contact you and a second person, ideally your Housing Chairman. 
  • Number of Hotel Rooms Required - These are the rooms you will be assigned by the Kansas City Housing Team in Nashville . You will be required to pay a binder fee of $20 per room paid by either cash, check, or credit card ($1 per room will be added if using a credit or a debit card to pay the binder fee) before you will be assigned a hotel.
  • Hotel Preference - We would like you to have three choices. If your first choice is still available when you meet with us in Nashville, it is yours.
  • Special Needs - If you have anything out of the ordinary, let us know.
  • Headquarters Hotels Rooms - We do not assign these rooms and responding to this questionnaire does not in any way imply or guarantee your Temple a set number of rooms or placement in a specific headquarters’ hotel.  We do however request that you still sign up on the Rooms Link so that we know you will not require rooms through the housing team and we will not need to follow up with you further regarding outside housing.
  • Number of Parade Units - Give us an estimate of the number and type.
  • Number of Competition Units - Give us an estimate of the number and type.

STEP THREE: The Housing Committee will be scheduling meetings during Nashville Imperial, first in first to select time for an appointment.

STEP FOUR:  If your Hotel Request Form is received prior to June 15, a representative from the 2020 Housing Committee will contact you to set your meeting appointment in Nashville . Appointments at the 2019 Imperial Session in Nashville, will be scheduled in the order in which the Request Forms are received.  No rooms will be assigned until your scheduled appointment, you cannot actually reserve a hotel until you arrive in Nashville and meet with the 2020 Housing Committee, your binder fee of $20 per room must be paid at that time. Hotels will be assigned on a first come, first serve timeline.  If you did not submit your Hotel Request Form by June 15, 2018, please stop by the 2020 Housing office when you arrive in Nashville in order to make an appointment.

We plan to be open in TBD at the following times:

Sunday, June 30th from 9 am - 4 pm
Monday, July 1st from 9 am - 4 pm
Tuesday, July 2nd from 9 am - 2 pm

STEP FIVE: Bring appropriate payment in cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to Shriners International Session of 2020. Don’t fill in the amount until you get to Nashville. You must bring your binder fee payment to the scheduled meeting in order for the requested rooms to be removed from inventory and assigned to your Temple.

STEP SIX: Once you have been assigned a hotel, within 60 days, you must confirm your room rate, any hospitality room requirements, and amenities with the hotel as you will sign a contract directly with that hotel. IMPORTANT: Failure to complete a contract with the hotel within the designated timeframe can result in those rooms being reassigned to another Temple. At this point you or your designee will be responsible for assigning rooms to your attendees and submitting the reservations to the hotel in order to fulfill your obligated room block based on your contract.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please review General Order #1 - Special Convention Notice and Accommodations for Future Imperial Sessions of Shriners International for a more detailed explanation of regulations related to the housing process for outside hotels. Please pay particular attention to the section on housing as it relates to making your housing arrangements through the housing chairman. Failure to comply with the regulations as outlined in the General Orders may affect the participation of the Temple's units in the competition(s) and parade(s).

If you have any questions regarding hotel specifics, please feel free to call Frank Schveninger at (913) 915-2247, or email your questions to .

Thank you in advance for your reply. We look forward to meeting you in Nashville!

frank schveningerFraternally yours,
Frank Schveninger - Imperial Session 2020 Housing Chairman